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Victoria Rgl
Can't stop listening to this CD. Just saw the play in NYC and it is liking being there again. Plus it energizes me to do household chores.
Jason Girard
Love the grey sheet. Fits tight and it's soft. I have no complaints about it at all!
Rafal Kowalski
Best fitting garden gloves for me, 5'3" Asian without a big hand. The non slippery dots on only parts of the glove around the thumb, index and middle fingers is a smart design, giving the extra grip without making these fingers stiff. I've worn out three pairs and was glad to find them again on Amazon.
Cameron Bezett
These gloves are comfortable for me and I have huge hands and long fingers, I like the little nubbies of rubber, they seem to make it more comfortable to grip the hand trowel I use. Here's the DOWNSIDE each pair of gloves come STAPLED together. Yep that's right, little metal staples just like the teacher used in school. One pair was stapled together x3. Putting to one side the aggravation of attempting to remove the stupid things, they make BIG HOLES in the ribbed cotten at the wrist. If u look at the picture u will see a plastic hook and I can indeed confirm that the plastic bit is present. I therefore do not understand why the manufacturer does not use this bit to secure the gloves together. Why damage their own product? The gloves won't last long given they begin service with holes in. I won't buy these again
*******UPDATE****** review is changed to 5 stars because I was looking at these again and I saw in one of the pics that the gloves were packaged differently, so I took a chance. The gloves arrived today and they have been banded together by a labled and the staples and hooks and all the accompaning holes are no longer an issue. and may I say HOORAY- since the original ones gave out I have tried using nitrile gloves, I thought they would be nice for being a bit more water resistent but the nitrile cracks over time. They also have to be sort of "peeled" off which I do not care for. These gloves are comfy and cute and I am glad to have them again.
Sabrina Mae Hope
Loved the musical,love the movie,love the 4 Seasons!

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