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The breitling transocean: Breitling Navitimer Super 8 was inspired by the 637 stopwatch used by bomber pilots and crew during world war ii. The large stopwatch was designed by Breitling's Huit Aviation Department, which was founded by Willy Breitling in 1938.

While the Navitimer Super 8 is comfortable to wear on the wrist, the 637 is strapped to the pilot's thigh, making it optimal for readability and ease of use. The crown is on the left side of the chassis, and its prominent size and position means that the pilot's hand -- even the gloved one -- can handle it easily. Since no. 637 is strapped to the thigh, the crown is best placed on top of the box. Pullers are used to activate the countdown function, allowing pilots to execute missions accurately. The reference 637 also inspired the big, bold, muscular Breitling Navitimer super 8. The 46mm case is made of titanium or stainless steel and has a threaded case to match the metal. The statement watch is made from a brown leather strap from NATO.

The Navitimer Super 8 has a total diameter of 50mm due to its unique bi-directional rotating bezel. Thanks to the lock screw crown protruding from the left side of the case, this watch gives the wearer extraordinary comfort, despite its impressive size. Stainless steel dial for black, titanium dial for military green. They all have large, glowing Arabic numerals and convex sapphire crystals, with anti-reflective coatings on both sides. The hour and minute hands also glow, making the Navitimer super 8 easy to read under all lighting conditions. A clever and useful triangle pointer is adjusted by rotating the border, which makes tracking running times particularly easy. The watch(best site for replica watches ) also has a central second hand.

The core of the Breitling Navitimer Super 8 is the manufacture of caliber B20, based on caliber MT 5612, an automatic complete motion formed by winding of double acting ball bearing rotor. It provides an impressive power reserve over 70 hours. The watch is 3 bar (30 m) waterproof and, like every Breitling, the Navitimer Super 8 is a cosc certified chronometer.Swiss watchmaker Breitling specializes in aviation-timing instruments, pilot watches and timepieces. The company will launch a new pilot watch line in 2018. The new watch, called the Navitimer 8, pays tribute to the brand's rich aviation history. The eight's name is in honor of whit air.

This year, the Navitimer 8 series will launch five different models that draw heavily on Breitling's design genes, the technical features of the first panel clocks and pilot watches, and the Huit Aviation Department's commitment to quality. It is also worth noting that the brilliance of whiit aviation is that its products have gone through a series of severe challenges. It subjected each instrument to extreme temperatures and vibrations before checking its timing accuracy with an oscilloscope. The department's commitment to quality paid off when it immediately caught the attention of replica breitling watches military pilots and won a large order for timers from the raf before world war ii.

Founded in 1938, fait aviation manufactures both civilian and military cockpit instruments and classic pilot watches. At the time, Willy Breitling chose the name Huit, which means "eight," referring to the eight-day power reserve provided by its storied cockpit instrumentation.Each of the five new models in the collection represents a design code -- conceived in the most minute detail -- that has high identification value. Guy Bove is the creative director of Breitling, who has devoted himself to the design of board clocks and watches designed by Huit Aviation Department.The new watch revivifies some of the design values of the fait air's onboard clock -- especially in the dial and watch frame -- as well as Breitling's iconic pilot watch Reference 768, whose swivel watch frame and unique triangular hands make it a pilot's favorite. Equally important are the luminous hands on the black dial, a combination that is easy to read in any lighting condition and contributes to Breitling's aviation legacy. The Navitimer 8 recalls the uncompromising style of the era. It starts to stand out in cases with typical notched borders, its contrast satin and polished surfaces and artistic styling ears. Each new Navitimer 8 has a large glowing Arabic numeral on its dial, and Guy Bove's design was inspired by models from the first pilot watch, replica watch sale including the reference model 768.

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