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At times, a situation arises when you need to add Office 365 email to your iPhone. You might need to do it for your convenience of accessing it on your iOS device. Adding this account means that you can use Office apps such as MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel on your smartphone as well. Linking your Office 365 email of www.office.com/setup with your device is an easy process and we are going to discuss the same in this article.

Before taking our discussion further, it is important to note that you remember the email address and password of your Office 365 account. You might be asked to enter it wherever necessary. In case you do not remember your password, then you can easily recover it from the login screen of Office. Also, note that Office email accounts are known as “Exchange accounts”. So, without much ado, let’s set your email on the iOS device.


There’s a mail app on your iPhone which you can use to access your mails. All you need to do is add the email address to this iPhone Mail app and you are done. For doing this, go through the steps mentioned below:

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-Open your iPhone and navigate to its “Settings” tab.
-From the setting’s tab, go to the “Passwords & Accounts” section.
-Now, you will see a number of options. Here, you have to choose the option that reads as “Add Account”.
-After this step, tap on “Exchange”.
-In the next step, type your Email address.
-Write a short description in the spec provided for it and tap “Next”.
-After tapping on this option, click on “Sign In”. This action will confirm that want to Sign in to your Exchange account from your iOS device.
-Now you will be prompted to enter the password for your email account.
-After doing so, click on the “Sign In” option again followed by “Next”.
-Click on the “Accept” option when you are asked for the consent. This is on behalf of the organization.
-Finally, click on the “Save” option to complete the linking process.


This is how you can add an email to the Office 365 iPhone account. You can add it to your Android device as well. But, the procedure for this might vary. After performing the steps adding email, you can check if the procedure has been successful or not. For this, go to the “Accounts” section and check if you can see the “Exchange” option there or not.

McAfee.com/Activate | Office.com/setup | Norton.com/setup | Mcafee.com/activate

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