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Patek Philippe Ref.5930G World Time Chronograph

The Patek Philippe replicaNo. 5930G new world time chronograph is a collection of two classic and complex features. Appreciation of famous artists only in the brand's single work in the 1940s, namely Ref. 1415-1 HU Louis Cottier World Time Chronograph, witnessed the emergence of similar combinations. Such a new work is grandly debut, and the love and collection of top-level timepieces are delighted.

In the mechanical timepiece category, world time meters and chronographs are among the most popular complex timepieces. For the first time, the number 5930G timepiece combines the above two complex functions into one, and joins the Patek Philippe conventional production series. The new CH 28-520 HU mechanical movement was developed by this watch manufacturer and consists of two elements, including a self-winding chronograph second movement, controlled by a column wheel, a longitudinal clutch, and a world time device module. The watch is easy to use, just press the button at 10 o'clock position, the hour hand and the world time scale are pushed in one hour, without hindering the movement of the movement.

The movement is hidden in a classic round case. Made of 18K white gold, the case is a collection of Patek Philippe's two long-lasting and elegant design features, including the rounded line of the No. 96 watch in 1932, inspired by the Bauhaus design spirit; the watch ear shape shows the shape of the aircraft winglet It is a highly anticipated watch design element in the 1940s and 1950s. Both create a new watch that is as elegant and distinguished as the famous timepiece of the year.astronomia watches

The classic magnificence is also one of the themes of the new 5330G timepiece. The watch is equipped with a blue silver-tone surface. The local time, another twenty-three time zones and various chronograph functions display an orderly level, ensuring a quick and clear reading time. The outermost edges of the surface are shown in blue, listing twenty-four names representing the city's time zones. The white chronograph seconds scale stands close to the city display panel, and the scale advances by a quarter of a second. Adjacent to the 24-hour display ring, add a deep/shallow area and a day/month symbol, and provide a day/night indication for the World Time function. As the characteristics of all the world time watches of Patek Philippe, the art decoration elements are added in the center of the surface, and the staggered pattern is decorated by human hands.

The Patek Philippe No. 5930G new world time chronograph was launched in 2016 with a white gold case and a blue silver surface. The replica watches for sale is paired with a navy blue alligator strap with a square texture that contrasts with the surface. The watch is made of 18K white gold Calatrava folding buckle, ensuring that the watch is attached to the wrist for comfortable wear.

Technical Parameters

Number: Ref.5930G

Movement: CH 28-520 HU self-winding movement, diameter 33 mm, thickness 7.91 mm, with local time display, 24 time zone display and day/night display, number of parts 343, number of stones 38, power reserve at least 50 hours Up to 55 hours, with column wheel chronograph, longitudinal clutch, 21K gold one-way winding central swing, Spiromax? Gossamer, Gyromax? balance, swing frequency 28,800 times per hour

Case: 18K white gold case, diameter 39.5 mm

Function: Time local time display, chronograph second hand, 30 minute timer, 24 time zone display, day/night display

Mirror and bottom cover: sapphire crystal glass mirror and back cover

Strap: matte navy blue crocodile leather strap with 18K white gold folding buckle

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